Our Team

Cesar Díaz “el Mae”


Currently director of Magdalena Rafting, I have 20 years of experience as a whitewater rafting and kayaking guide at the national and international level.
I am also an instructor of Rescue 3 International for the “swiftwater Rescue” courses and an international rafting instructor of IRF federations for the training of rafting guides.

For several years, I have explored several rivers and promoted commercial and sports rafting in Colombia. I also joined the national rafting and kayak slalom team, participating in several national and international competitions such as Suramericanos, Panamericanos and Mundiales.

Tamara Acuña

Agency Director and Communication Manager

Tamara has Swiss-Colombian origins, with a training program in Neurolinguistical programming techniques (NLP). Tamara has been swimming for more than 10 years at a competitive level. She has worked also as a life guard during many seasons at the beach.

Julian David Jamoioy

Rafting Guide

I'm 35 years old and I've been a rafting guide for 15 years. I acquired my professional experience in Magdalena Rafting, San Agustin tour, Tatacoa aventura and Amazonaventura.

Théo Rivaud

Rafting Guide

I was born in France in 1980 and have lived in Colombia for 11 years several months a year. I have been certified by the French State since 2002 for the practice and teaching of rafting, hydrospeed and kayaking (level 4.5). In 2018, I obtained a level 4 diploma in rafting. I work in France as a rafting guide, hydrospeed three months a year. I was a carpenter for several years.

Cesar Luna Claros

Rafting Guide

I have 15 years of experience as a qualified rafting guide. Passionate about my work, I am a contact person who loves life.

Jair Castro Martinez

Rafting Guide

Graduate in tourism and former military, I am passionate about extreme sports and adventure.

Fabio Hetnán Jarnioy Palacios

Rafting Guide

Graduate in tourism and former army officer, I am passionate about extreme and adventure sports.

Miller Giron Anacona

Rafting Guide

I have been a rafting guide for 15 years, a graduate and a volunteer firefighter in San Agustin. I am a responsible and very committed person.